Footloose Builds

Steven Hinkley

Castle Rock, Colorado

First I just want to thank you for designing such a practical skiff in Footloose. My kids want to call her Day Dream, so that\‘s her name. It has been such a wonderful pasttime building this craft. Your drawings and notes were of utmost proficiency and are comprehensive.

I\‘ve sailed her approx. 20 hours to date and she surpassed my expectations by a long shot, and I think I\‘m in love with the sprit rig. Everyone on Chatfield Reservoir has commented what a beautiful boat, and then they are amazed that I built her. Even the rangers have come along side and stared in amazement.

People just don\‘t see these in Colorado. The placement of sail, centerboard and thwarts is right on. I caught about 18 knots of wind the other day and I, my wife and three children had a blast.

She points just fine. The sprit rig is much smoother than I was expecting. All I\‘ve got to say is thank you for a challenging journey that\‘s still going.

P.S. There\‘s boatbuilding blood now in my family.