Baby Tender II Builds

Mike Hawley

Newark, DE

I received plans for the Baby Tender back in March with the goal to complete the boat by my son\‘s first birthday in October.The plans were top notch, I had also ordered your book and it was very helpful as well. Anyway, the project went great, people have been asking where to buy one. My response is that I built it which they stand there in disbelief. Anyway, Thank you for the plans for a great first boat. I viewed this two ways, one was a project to end as a gift, the second was to practice skills to do the next larger build and make sure I can complete something like this. I did a slight modification to the plans and made the rockers go fore and aft, I copied the radius from a rocking chair I have, and had to make new supports for them. The skipper loves it, hopped in with a big smile on his face and play in it almost everyday.Thanks again.