Baby Tender Builds

Ben Kautz

Shelby, Michigan

Enclosed is a picture of the cradle boat I completed last June for my grandson Dakotah. As soon as he was aboard for the first time he went soundly to sleep.

Completing this project gave me a leap in my confidence, not only in woodworking, but in tackling other involved projects. I think it is important for each generation to create at least one heirloom to pass on. I learned the value of using simple hand tools. I now have some good hand tools in my chest for the next project.

All in all it was a most worthwhile project. I am looking forward to building a larger boat with the knowledge gained from this project. Thank you for your patience in answering my questions over the phone. Keep up the good work. You are playing a part, in my opinion, in drawing people into a most worthwhile activity of creating something to preserve our heritage. I was pleasantly surprised at the attention the boat has gotten from friends and relatives.