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Type Norwegian Pram
Length 10'
Beam 4' 2"
Hull weight 120 lbs
Crew 1-3
Product # DP

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Dulcibella is a classic lapstrake pulling boat in the tradition of the renowned Norwegian pram. She is elegant but practical, offering both excellent stability and load carrying capacity in a relatively short length, making her an ideal tender. Two rowing positions provide good balance under various loading conditions and she is very responsive and easily propelled.

Dulcibella is designed to be built using traditional lapstrake construction methods, The pram bow provides an easy shape to build; the thin planks bending easily into place with very little twist in the ends.

The complete, easy-to-follow plans for Dulcibella include detailed large-scale construction drawings for all assemblies, full-size patterns for molds and transoms, and diagrams and instructions for the simple ladder frame jig and set-up procedure, so no lofting is required. To clarify the building process, comprehensive construction notes are number-keyed to the corresponding assemblies in all the drawings. Also included are plans for 7.5 ft. traditional style oars.

Includes Dulcibella plans, patterns, instructions, and US shipping.

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