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Type Cradle Boat
Length 38"
Beam 23"
Product # PP

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This charming addition to our cradle boat fleet is adapted from a type of boat known as a pram. Prams have transoms at both bow and stern and are used extensively as tenders for larger vessels because of their roominess and relatively short length.

Papoose, at 38” long by 23” wide, is an easy boat to build. It uses common lumberyard materials for all the joinery and takes about two days of rewarding work to complete.

The plans for this dashing little cradle boat include a materials list and full-size patterns for all the parts. Construction notes describing all components and building procedures are number-keyed to the corresponding parts in the detailed drawings, so there is no guesswork involved.

Includes Papoose plans, patterns, instructions, and US shipping.

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