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Type Sailing Pram
Length 7' 10"
Beam 4' 1"
Hull weight ~75 lbs.
Crew 1-2
Sail Area 30 sq. ft.
Product # SP

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One of the most versatile and popular of all boats is the 8 ft. flat-bottom pram. It is easily, inexpensively and quickly built, using only 2 sheets of plywood and common lumberyard materials. It is light enough for easy cartopping and can be stowed in a van or pick-up truck. The pram style hull, with transoms at both ends, offers considerable roominess in a relatively short length and makes an excellent boat for ship-to-shore use, fishing, or just relaxed sailing on your favorite lake.

Designed with plenty of bottom rocker, Sprite has proven to be exceptionally quick and maneuverable both under sail and rowing. She is a jaunty and attractive little craft that is sure to provide many years of enjoyment for the entire family.

Sprite’s sailing rig is the simple, but efficient, loose-footed sprit, It is easy and inexpensive to fabricate and rig, requiring no high-tech hardware, It can be set up or taken down in seconds and the whole rig can be stowed inside the boat. The rig is boomless, making it very safe for children. The leeboard is simple and effective, and keeps the cockpit free of clutter.

Construction of Sprite is simple and straight-forward, making it an ideal beginning project. The entire hull is gotten from 2 sheets of 1/4”×4’×8’ marine plywood. Structural members consisting of a single rigid frame, chines, gunwales, keel, rub strips and seats are gotten from common lumberyard materials. The hull is set up solidly on a simple ladder-frame jig that allows this boat to be assembled very efficiently without the chance of something going adrift.

The plans for Sprite include detailed large-scale drawings for all assemblies, an accurate layout for the plywood planking and full-size patterns for the rigid frame, transoms, rudder and tiller. No lofting is required. Spar and sail plans detailing the rigging are also included, as well as a comprehensive booklet of construction notes that describes all components and building procedures and is number-keyed to the corresponding parts and assemblies in the drawings.

Includes Sprite plans, patterns, instructions, and US shipping.

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